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    About us

    PPRZ History

    Passionate about fashion with a strong preference for Italian style; sober but a little provocative. Kewin Lambert has long thought about the image of the brand to best meet the expectations of the market before deciding to launch his own clothing brand.

    “Create exceptional products, with an emphasis on visionary, original, sexy, qualitative and accessible to all”

    The style of the brand is that the products offered immediately attracted the intention of influential people in the field of music.

    Celebrities such as 6IX9INE, Master Gims, DJ Antoine, rapper Brasco, reggaeton singer Farruko immediately identified with the brand and participated in the dissemination of its image.

    Origin of the Paparazzi brand

    The origin of the brand name dates back to 1960 with the famous film by Federico Fellini “The good life”. The hero Marcello (played by Marcello Mastroianni) is often accompanied by a young photographer named Paparazzo.

    In an interview conducted by the weekly Oggi at the release of the film; Federico Fellini’s wife, actress Giulietta Masina, said she was behind the name that would be a contraction between “pappataci” (small mosquitoes) and “ragazzi” (young men). Hence the birth of the PAPARAZZI brand.

    Therefore, the mosquito is an integral part of the intial logo of the brand and “La Dolce Vita” in the collection of the same name that was created in 2010.

    A fashion brand, Paparazzi is aimed especially at men and women who love life at all times, who like to be noticed and who are not afraid to “make the buzz”.

    The collections of Paparazzi t-shirts, jeans and accessories are distinguished by the originality of their prints, as well as their cut, fitted and adjusted, which highlights the silhouette of those who wear them.

    On the luxury side, the brand also relies on its originality with clothing (down jacket, parka, perfecto, luxury tracksuit, cap, dress, polo, suit jacket) in limited series combining haute couture and jewelry while keeping its fashion & provocative side.

    Both sober and insolent, elegant and sexy, paparazzi never leave indifferent.

    In 2017, the brand chooses a new logo for its global repository. But keeping For Origin “Paparazzi” and see the birth of the new trademark registered worldwide under the name “PPRZ” diminutive Paparazzi.

    The Logo that it wants very Luxurious and already recognized by many professionals as a brand with a history and aesthetic Luxury.

    To be continued…

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