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    The Founder

    Kewin Lambert is a Swiss citizen, born in Switzerland in 1989. A father of two, Kewin is a strong family-oriented person. His love for design and aesthetics comes naturally from his family environment where he learned, from an early age, to appreciate the beautiful design of jewelry and watches that his father and siblings created.

    Nevertheless, Kewin wanted to make his own designs and creations; therefore, it is in clothing and accessories that he has found a fantastic way for him to express his creativity and allow individuals around the world to enjoy amazing designer items that are out of the ordinary, attractive, creative and yet affordable. His first collection was presented to a small crowd of aficionados in Switzerland in 2010, Kewin was only 20 years old. The success has been at the rendezvous.

    The brand name of his first collection was Paparazzi which means small mosquitoes in Italian. Nothing to do with the negative connotation of photographers stealing images of famous and renowned people. To mitigate these potential misunderstandings, Kewin decided to create a new logo that would be easily recognizable, with a strong identity that has roots in its initial paparazzi brand name. It was then in 2016 that the PPRZ trademark was registered in all major countries of the world.

    With a strong management team carefully selected from many potential people, Kewin has traveled since 2018 to many parts of the world with its dedicated team to showcase its collections and find the best possible partners who understand its philosophy and to help grow the PPRZ brand and gain recognition from industry buyers, wholesalers, retailers, press officers and especially its customers who are all more and more loyal to its brand that brings joy and a sense of belonging to a large family “The PPRZ family”.

    Today, Kewin wants to further develop its brand with new partners and a large and eclectic clientele.

    Join me and be part of our great Swiss Luxury Urban Elite PPRZ Family !

    Kewin Lambert

    CEO / Designer

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